Eau de Loudes : où se trouve t'elle ?

History of the water of Lourdes: How did this water?

It is on 25 February 1858 the small Bernadette Soubirous, aged Fourteen, has discovered the source of the grotto of Massabielle.

After that the Virgin Mary told him to go to drink at the source and to wash, she scratched the ground in the cave, made a small hole, and found a little water, as the mud, so little that only she could take in the Palm of the hand. His first reaction was to frighten the mud which, in a first glance, gave this source somewhat disgusting to drink and to wash look. Three times, she threw her so she was dirty. The fourth time, she was able to drink. Little by little, the water became more and more pure and clear.

As the apparitions of Mary, the flow of water from this source expanded and then allowed to satisfy the curiosity of the visitors but above all to the purification of the pilgrims.


L'eau De Lourdes et ses nombreuses fontaines

Three New Water Fountains Of Lourdes

Three new Lourdes water fountains enrich the existing offer. Indeed, already numbering 61 fountains, they are added downstream of the cave facing the rounded wall. They are different from others.

They are spread over a dozen meters. Each of them rests on a bedrock made of Arudy marble stone, 2 meters in circumference and 1 meter in height (adding the height of the sidewalk). The faucet is made of brass, gold-colored, non-ferrous alloy, mainly composed of copper and zinc. The valve body with its non-moving tube has a low water flow. This water is recovered in a small brass basin about thirty centimeters.

It is by the pressure of a push button that the water flows from the tube. The height of the tap is ideal for drinking and doing water gestures.

These three fountains fit perfectly in a wooded and leafy space. The harmony of water is nature expresses itself with gentleness and fluidity.

A great success!


New space for drinking and washing in the water of Lourdes

18 New Lourdes Water fountains have been available to visitors since 08/04/2017. Enrolled in the Cave Coeur de Lourdes project, this new space is located downstream from the cave of Massabielle in the location of the former local feutiers.

These 18 new push valves where the spring water flows from the cave rest on a rounded, convex wall, built in stone marble of Arudy, capital of Canton of the Valley of Ossau. This local stone of the Atlantic Pyrenees, of grey, very dense colour, perpetuates the history of the builders of the sanctuaries of Lourdes.

These fountains, numbering 18 as the number of Marian apparitions in Lourdes, invite pilgrims to drink and wash as the Virgin Mary asked Bernadette.
In addition to the first 28 fountains, the 15 new 2016 faucets located next to the Sainte-Bernadette Bridge, are added in 2017, after the grotto, the 18 new heavy water fountains, bringing the total to 61 fountains.

Acheter nos savons à l'eau de Lourdes


New Lourdes water fountain

As early as April 2015, new fountains of water of Lourdes moved to the right of the bridge Saint-Bernadette, coming from the esplanade. There are 15. Faucets in the shape of push button order arrival of Massabielle spring water. Unlike the first fountains, not need to press several times to that water flows. A single press, maintained by hand, allows faster filling of a container. This new space, in withdrawal of access to the cave, is explained by the wish to reduce noise nuisance caused by the pilgrims filling their bottles and cans near the cave. However, keeping this up-to-date first 14 fountains give the meaning of the gesture of the water, i.e. drinking and washing, as were asked Bernadette by the Virgin, at the beginning of the path of the visitor. A large sign at the top of these faucets invites people, eager to fill gourds, to go to the new fountains. Inscriptions engraved on large sheets of aluminum inoxidees dressing blocks of granite, where did you get the new 15 fountains, mention 'I annuity of Lourdes with the water of the cave' in french, 'I go back home with some wather from Grotto' in English, "Regreso de Lourdes con agua la Gruta" in Spanish and "back da Lourdes con leading me acqua della Grotta" in Italian. As artistic decoration, 4 long bars of aluminium to the random curls, asked at the top of the blocks in alignment with the fountains, bring a sleek and modern design.

Even if the place is more condensed than the previous (less space between the taps), it adds to this magical place, a wonderful scenery punctuated by the flow of the river.

The water of Lourdes: an inexhaustible source for multiple uses

The Lourdes water source or the grotto of Lourdes is beneficial to multiple reasons virtues water. Many pilgrims or believing visitors, non-believer, or of other faiths, yet meet their baggage to prevail in their home. This water also remains one that is offered to the people for the benefits that it is supposed to bring.

To the right of the Rosary and the Basilica of our Lady of Lourdes, everything is organized to facilitate the service and transport of water. Whether in a single bottle, a bottle or a bottle, sanctuaries allow pilgrimage or visit people to walk away with valuable water of Lourdes.
A few dozen metres from the cave at the foot of the Basilica, a dozen taps presses are aligned so that the pilgrims and visitors can fill their container. People can be used widely, to spray the face, wash with water of Lourdes but is limited. Registered Mary's message in several languages come to drink at the source and wash you run by millions of people.

Water of Lourdes flowing taps pushers should not be confused with holy water. It is totally independent of the course of the Gave de Pau.
The water of the fountains is simple, pure, drinking, identical to any other water in the area. Cave spring water is piped to the underground deposits, which contain about 3,000 cubic meters. These deposits, it heads toward the faucets, swimming pools and dispatch of water of the sanctuary. Each year, it takes about 10,000 cubic meters of water for swimming pools, fountains and the path of the water. The path of the water is formed by nine fountains; It lies on the right bank of the gave River. They have biblical names and names related to the Virgin Mary: Bersheva, on the road to Gaza, Meribah, En-Gaddi, the source of the Temple, Nazareth, Jacob's well, Bethesda, Siloam. This path invites the Pilgrim and the visitor to drink and to wash the face and the hands along its path.

Wash with SOAP of Lourdes


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