City of Lourdes: Marian city, the lower town with its shops of souvenirs

Lourdes: where is located the Marian city?

Lourdes: where is located the Marian city?

The lourdaise City:

The town of Lourdes lies at the foot of the Pyrenees, in Bigorre, at the edge of the gave de Pau in of the Hautes-Pyrénées Department in southwestern France. Lourdes is located 20 km south of Tarbes. Its number of capita and 15125 and its citizens are called Lourdais and Lourdaise.
The grotto of Lourdes is located in the sanctuary, positioned out of Lourdes near the gave de Pau.

Hotels in Lourdes:

Lourdes, second city hotel of France, counts more than 200 hotels: hotels Viñuales, great modern hotel, grand hotel of the cave, hotel Roissy, hotel Saint-Etienne, the Excelsior, hotel Alba, hotel Royal, hotel Majestic, hotel Ibis of Lourdes hotel Lourdes Campagnile, paradise, hotel Astoria Vatican, Hôtel de la Vallée, Quality hotel Alliance, hotel Panorama, hotel Villa Marian, St Catherine hotel, Paris hotel, hotel Notre Dame de Lourdes, Atrium hotel, hotel Angelic Myriam, Myosotis hotel, hotel Jeanne d'Arc, hotel Mediterranee, hotel Croix des Bretons, Lorda apartment hotel, hotel Saint Louis de France, hotel Miramont, hotel Padova, hotel Ariane, hotel Calvaire, hotel Lutetia, hotel Notre Dame de la Sarte, hotel Vesuvio, hotel Lisieux, hotel Saint Roch, Les Jardins de Lourdes, hotel Beau Site hotel Lourdes Sainte - Rose, hotel Florida, hotel Saint-Georges, Chalet Saint-Louis, Hôtel de Nevers, the Netherlands hotel, hotel Saint-Clair, hotel Gloria, hotel Sainte-Suzanne, hotel Esplanade, hotel Estival Arriel, Notre Dame Auxiliatrice, hotel Saint-Avín, hotel Ave Santa Lucia, hotel sunflower, Hôtel des Ambassadeurs, Ocean hotel, Helgon hotel, hotel Albion, hotel Christian Cluny, hotel Regent, hotel Luxembourg, Rome, Grand hotel Spain hotel, has the cross Malta hotel, hotel Saint-Christophe, hotel du Dauphiné, Grand Hôtel Gallia et Londres, hotel Julien, hotel la Fontaine, Rex hotel, hotel Queen of France, hotel Eliseo-hotel Mirasol, hotel rose, hotel Lourdes Saint - Rose, hotel Normandie, hotel du Palais...

Lourdes Airport:

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées international airport is located between Lourdes and Tarbes. Ten kilometers separate airport and the heart of Lourdes.

The Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport allows the reception of persons with disabilities and passengers with reduced mobility. Fifty companies have a destination to Lourdes. More than 500,000 passengers per year from around the world raise their suitcases on the tarmac at Lourdes airport. The main countries visitors are European: Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Malta and Switzerland.
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Lourdes: the Marian city in detail

Lourdes lies at the foot of the Pyrenees, in the Bigorre region, on the gave de Pau, South-West of Tarbes. The sanctuary is located at the exit of the town following the gave de Pau.
The town is built around a rocky outcrop on which the castle was built and in a bowl digging operated by glacier ice following said Argelès or the gave de Pau, in the final phase of the ice age of Wurm, and then by the gave himself after the melting of the glacier. South of the basin is dominated by Karst limestone massifs, Sinkholes and caves, of the Pic du Jer and the Béout, separated by the Valley of the gave River.

The city centre, dominated by the calcareous spur of the Castle, offers in several places the ancient quarries of stone of Lourdes marks. The caves of the Saracens (800 m of development), and the caves of the Wolf in the massif that dominates the shrines bear witness to this Karst State subjected to glacial influences. To the North, there are traces of the maximum expansion of this glacier which divergea in several languages around the site of Lourdes after will be struck to preglacial reliefs: the Lake of Lourdes in particular with the Natura 2000 wet area but also the bog known as Biscay or Poueyferré and that of the Monge, who were the founders of Palynology glaciaire6 work support, as well as peripheral moraine arcs offering visible Rock deposits, to Parker to the West, Bartrès North-West and above Sarsan Heath which dominates the city to the Northeast, towards Bourréac, facing the mountain chain.

This ancient glacial basin is today largely occupied by the city while providing a crossroads of communication between the different valleys which are lead. By his digging, gave the contributed to sharing this space in two floors, the lower town which is one of the sanctuaries, hotels and shops that surround them, and the upper town whose life is that of a medium-sized town, the second in number of inhabitants at the departmental level, marked by a tourist flow and important passage.
Access and circulation.

Lourdes is a major centre of destination and the entrance gate which gives access to the seven valleys of the Lavedan and, in particular, the large Pyrenean touristic poles of Cauterets-Pont of Spain, Luz-Saint-Sauveur-Gavarnie, Argelès-Gazost-Val D'azun.

The city is served by TGV (Paris and Tarbes), trains coral and TER, and also receives many pilgrims trains.
Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport (formerly 'Ossun airport') is located about halfway between Tarbes and Lourdes and offer, among other things, flights to Paris-Orly, London-Stansted, Manchester, Figari and Brussels.

For what is the bus service, an express route to dual carriageway liaises South with Argelès-Gazost (former national route 21, now RD 821). To the North, RN 21 is being updated dual carriageway between Tarbes and Lourdes, twenty kilometers distant. the work should be completed in a few years. In fact an issue of development in the future will reside in enlargement of the ring road.

Some route management software make exit at the tollbooth of Soumoulou vehicles coming from Toulouse and wishing to go to the cave. The closure in July 2009, prefectural, the crossing of the railway (crossing PN 181), at the entrance to the city, at the meeting point of two roads leading to Lourdes by Bétharram (route de Pau) and decision by Soumoulou (avenue Antoine Beguere), leads to advise strongly against this route. The normal output is therefore include the West Tarbes toll.
Some lanes of the centre of Lourdes are alternate one-way, in particular cave Street and boulevard of the cave: the direction of movement in these channels changes every fortnight.

After the French revolution of 1789, the County of Bigorre is incorporated into the new Department of the Hautes-Pyrénées, Lourdes becomes capital of canton in 1790 but not sub-prefecture, function which will fail in the municipality of Argelès-Gazost more depth in the Valley. This canton is then shared in 1973 between the two townships of Lourdes-Est and Lourdes-West.
The city is the headquarters of the community of communes of the country of Lourdes. It is the urban area and the country of same name.
In October 2007, the closure of the tribunal of Lourdes is heralded by the keeper of the seals.

In 2010, the municipality of Lourdes was rewarded by the label Ville Internet @@

The lourdaise economy is divided between two areas dedicated to tourism and pilgrimage on the one hand and industrial and commercial activities that can be found in any town of this importance.

There are approximately a hundred restaurants of local and international cuisine.

The Mediatheque de la Communauté of communes of the country of Lourdes: set in one half of the building of les Halles whose metal architecture and the canopies of the 19th century have been very well implemented value, it offers very pleasant conditions of discovery and to read books. This place has become a must-see of the Lourdes of the upper town. It is to be discovered, the common field place, despite the discretion of its signage. There are two entrances, the main on the North facade of les Halles, the other on the south facade.

On heavy industrial activities include in particular: the SEB to the Serre de Sarsan, Lourdes, factory specialized in the small electrical household appliances with a store of factory, SBM (science and Bio materials Lourdes) company located on the ZI du Monge, Lourdes, specialized in the development of biomaterials for bone reconstruction.
Institutions ' Toupnot, in Lourdes, specialised in canned meat, including corned beef almost entirely exported, AI2P / ft (Pyrénées-Pyrénées Injection plastic injection workshop) company located on the Saux, Lourdes area, specialized in the production of technical plastic parts, for household appliances in particular.

Absent inside the enclosed area of the cave where shrines, religious souvenir trade is highly developed outside, along the street of the cave and the boulevard of the cave in particular.
There are 220 souvenir stores or a store for 30,000 visitors (this rate is lower than the average of some great french sites such as Notre Dame de Paris, the Mont Saint Michel, the city of Carcassonne)

Non touristic shops lie, mainly at the level of the street of the cave but also around Marcadal, Hall and place Peyramale.
A large commercial area unfolds also RN 21 long. Some large areas are located near the District of the serpentine.

In this universe of trade around the water of lourdes and its miracles, a family of cosmetics was born in 2009: the cream of Lourdes with the SOAP of Lourdes. Natural and authentic, these products embody the spiritual feelings of the Marian city and has become the European leader in its range in 2011.

Souvenir de Lourdes: our products cream of Lourdes

Remember the story of Lourdes

How the city of Lourdes has become the Marian city of reference in the world? Why the French Church has made this religious exception in this city in the pyrenees? What is it so happened in Lourdes just after the apparition of the Virgin?

Everything began in 1858 when the first rumors of the apparition of the Virgin to the little Shepherdess, releiees by press articles, cross this village looks like a peaceful and rural districts. The crowd, disorderly, increasingly large, street on each side of the gave River, in the vicinity of the cave to share this divine moment, see bernadette and take advantage of healings, miracles, of visionary actions.

The recent memories of revolutionary movements during the 18th and 19th century shake the authorities at the highest of the Empire which is afraid of this disorder at the foot of the Pyrenees. Lourdes is invaded by a crowd of thousands of individuals arriving from neighbouring regions and cities. Neither the Minister of cults, the prefect of Tarbes, nor the Bishop of Tarbes, react to that strength of the people, considered so dangerous by the power in place when it is not controlled. The turn of events becomes an affair of State. The purpose is to restore order as soon as possible. As a first step, the local civil authorities, the prefect and the magistrates, militarily forbid access to the cave but these repressive measures exacerbate discontent and reinforce the enthusiasm of the crowds more and more oppressive and uncontrollable. Faced with this failure, and under pressure from the Paris authority, the Church out of his silence and a commission of inquiry was born. This grip of this event out standard by the Bishop of Tarbes has resulted to calm the crowd of Lourdes which, finally, said a show was heard and understood. Four years later, the Catholic Authority recognizes the authenticity of Mary's apparitions and healings around the grotto of Massabielle. From this time, as early as 1962, a process of organization of ritual practices were put in place to guide, manage, maintain, order, influence, stabilize and control this huge crowd of religious believers while opposing currents polemicists. It is the birth of the first pilgrimages to Lourdes. These processionnaires events at the Marian city of major national and international, then allow the ecclesiastical authorities to avoid the risk of a competitor mass movement to the Catholic religion and relieve the highest peaks of power who rejoice that these disorders are permanently removed.

To remember the history of Lourdes through these events shows that it is a combination of religious and political events that made that Lourdes has become the third most visited Catholic worship in the world.


Old photos of the city of Lourdes

Hundreds of old city of Lourdes postcards are present on the site visit Lourdes from the beginning of the 20th century.

Plan, route, photos of Lourdes

Se souvenir du Pape Jean-Paul II à Lourdes

Le 27 avril 2014, le Pape François canonise le pape Jean-Paul II et le pape Jean XVIII. Le Pape polonais Jean-Paul II devient un Saint. 
Souvenons nous des visites de Jean-Paul II à Lourdes. En 1983, au 15 août, il séjourne à Lourdes et arpente la foule des pèlerins aux sanctuaires.
En 2004, à l'occasion du 150e anniversaire de la promulgation du dogme de l'Immaculée Conception, le pape revient à la cité mariale pour célébrer cet évènement.

Entre souvenir et émotion, Lourdes a reçu du Vatican une relique, constituée d'un bout de la robe du pape Jean-Paul II lorsqu'il fut victime en 1981 sur la place Saint-Pierre de Rome d'un attentat. Ce cadeau du Saint Siège sera à la disposition des visiteurs.

Nul doute que la venue du pape argentin François à Lourdes sera programmée dans les prochains mois.


Produits Crème de Lourdes

Other than the memories of Lourdes: french remembrance on 11 November

In memory of November 11, 1918, and all those who died for France, cream of Lourdes remembers because these people full of courage, bravery and patriotism, the France is a country free and participatory democracy.

Let us not forget the men and women who saved our country from the occupation.

Remembrance of the France but also specifically of Lourdes where this city has lost many of its citizens are collecting us to honour their memory.
Keep us this soul, respect our ancestors and we strive every day to live up to these great men.

That their minds at peace and that their recollection remains.

The cream of Lourdes team.