Physique quantique et eau de Lourdes

L'eau De Lourdes et la physique quantique

Lourdes water and memory of water

Water gives life. The molecules in our body are made up of 99% water. It is the essential element of our good health and well-being.

In quantum physics, researchers make hypotheses in which water has the capacity to keep in memory the properties of an element with which it has been in contact: this is called the memory of water.

Digital biology demonstrates the interaction of water with our thoughts. Our actions, our emotions, our words and all the energies which surround us emit vibratory waves. Water becomes a field of communication conveying these vibrations, exchanging this information between molecules, influencing our environment and our body.

In the presence of positive vibrations, the clusters, these clusters of atoms, form harmonious water crystals, with sacred geometries.

If from a metaphysical point of view, the water of Lourdes is a natural spring water from the Pyrenees, a geological resurgence, charged with minerals, of very low turbidity bringing healthy characteristics of limpidity and purity, it presents extraordinary characteristics in bio-electromagnetism.

Indeed, by the annual presence of millions of visitors, the water of Lourdes feeds on their emotional vibrations and keeps in memory all these positive energies.

Associated with organic and natural active ingredients, CREME DE LOURDES laboratory products intensify the great sensitivity of Lourdes water to energy, while retaining the imprints of certain properties.


Lourdes water, between health analysis at natural properties and positive emotions

Esther Sternberg, Professor of medicine and Director of research in the USA, found that 30 to 90% of the efficacy of a treatment is based on the confidence given to this treatment. The body and mind begin healing-friendly links. Pr Sternberg explains that belief, conscious or not, in the history of the lourdaise Marian city has also psychosomatic effects. Compassion, altruistic love, the opening of the heart, smile, empathy and kindness also exert positive effects in the healing process. Biologically, these feelings of well-being would reduce the damaging effects of stress on the body, relieving the brain of anti-stress hormones, endorphins, this natural medicine which aired in the nervous system, the body's tissues and blood, would produce beneficial effects against anxiety, stress and anxiety.
The environment similar to the Lourdes water fountains, with the mist of the mountains Pyrenees, the flow of water from gave, natural, unpolluted air, the softness of the esplanade, the heat of the stones and slates, the sunlight, the clarity and freshness of this spring water, the scent of the candles play fully to support the immune system.
Support social, very present Lourdes with young accompanying seniors, healthy assets that help people with reduced mobility, intergenerational, intercultural and international meetings, also participates to the well-being, happiness, and sometimes healing.
In addition to stimulating, in many ways, the positive links between mind and body, the scientific community focuses on another area of the power of Lourdes: its water, this water is said to be miraculous, which pilgrims drink at big gulp, to splash the face and hands, fill water bottles, bottles, cans. Would have the secrets not revealed to date?
Although biological analyses revealed no particular property, the work of Pr Luc Montagnier on the memory of water could soon penetrate this secret.

Let science advance without barrier or taboo, without restraint or pressure, without judgment or sectarianism but with conviction and humility, with rigor and truth.

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Water of Lourdes: Professor Montagnier and the memory of water

Since late 2010, is at Shanghai Jiaotong University, in the Department of science, Professor Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the virus of AIDS and 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine, began work on the memory of water. These studies are based on the assumption of the existence in water of nano-structures relatively stable able to memorize at least partially genetic information. Professor Luc Montagnier and colleagues report that it has been observed that certain sequences of DNA from bacteria and viruses can induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions. This phenomenon seems to be caused by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency. Better yet, these waves would be even able to transform certain nucleotide base in DNA, new bacterial DNA, just through special structures of water.

The presentation of this work is accompanied by a clear support of Luc Montagnier in the work of Jacques Benveniste on memory water. The Professor also indicates that the results of experiments on the memory of the Benveniste water are accurate but they are difficult to reproduce because of too strong dilution. Regarding the work of Luc Montagnier, they show that certain bacteria emit in aqueous solutions a comparable specific electromagnetic signal, signals remaining in these solutions at high dilution and while there is no longer any molecule other than water at such dilutions.

The phenomenon reported by Luc Montagnier can quickly develop very sensitive detection systems of chronic bacterial and viral infections. These findings raise special issues which the fundamental nature of life: the transmission of human life by the presence of a physical matter in connection with an identifiable signal as electromagnetic.

The Nobel Prize in medicine of 2008 participated in the first international scientific symposium organized by the shrine of Lourdes for 8 and June 9, 2012-themed "mean cure today? '' Pr Montagnier wanted to bring "a message of science alongside that of the faith", warned before the participants of this symposium, organized by the Office of the medical findings of Lourdes on the theme of healing "in terms of reason and science, in connection with the influence of faith and prayer on human health. He recalled the "disturbances" (neuro-degenerative diseases, cancer...) that could cause in the human body electromagnetic waves, as well as his own experiences on the structure of water and its role in human disease. It has thus been suggested that water from the source of the grotto of Lourdes, the place where took place the apparitions, could affect the health of the patients, while stressing that the analyses of this water did reveal no particular property.

Team heavy cream and SOAP of Lourdes approves any scientific progress, the water, on the water of Lourdes and accompanies each of us in our personal belief!

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Water of Lourdes: positive memory of the water thanks to light, sounds, thought, prayer and meditation...

Through its work, Japanese Masaru Emoto, doctor of medicine Alternative to the Open International University graduate academic section Humanities and sciences of the University of Yokohama, discovered in the years 90 water stores not only good and bad information, and of music and words, but also feelings and consciousness!
Masaru Emoto was used to evaluate the degree of purity of various waters including the spring water from the grotto of Lourdes and confirms that water has a memory. The effects of different energies on the water, outdoor and indoor (since we in are made up to 70%), of the most known (by electromagnetic radiation, by the music) but also by the energy of the words, shapes and thoughts, these different energies confirm that water reacts to all information what positive or negative.

Dr. Emoto confirms that "everything is energy" as Einstein had said. In addition to electromagnetic radiation, words, feelings, words and even thoughts influence water. Negative words and thoughts cause of crystallizations dysharmonieuses, then only 'thank you' or 'Love', regardless of the language, are beautiful images. The water therefore has a memory...

"It is for these reasons that the spring water from the grotto of Lourdes, which for more than 150 years, collects millions of prayers of pilgrims, absorbs millions of songs and religious music, impregnates the lights say divine but also natural Pyrenees lights, and that Lourdes water crystals are 'real' and quantifiable evidence" that there is an energy in water awareness and it is sensitive to the field of human consciousness.

Even if the international scientific body criticized a lack of rigor in the analysis of the results of Dr. Masura Emoto, the discovery of his studies brings a certain interest and is taken over by our many scientists including Professor Luc Montagnier, Noble Medicine Prize.

The cream of Lourdes team approves any scientific progress on the water of Lourdes and accompanies each of us in his personal belief!

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Water of Lourdes: Early work on the memory of the water by Jacques Benveniste

Born in 1935, a physician, immunologist Jacques Benveniste, performs research on the memory of the water that he published in 1988. He is one of the first to unravel the secrets of the memory of water, secrets and research shared that, in 1995, led to his ouster from the national Institute of health and medical research (INSERM).
His experiments as early as 1984, under contract with homeopathy Boiron laboratories demonstrated by the activation of the degranulation of basophils with high antibody dilutions. Jacques Benveniste interprets the biological result of his experiences as a demonstration that water had kept the properties of a substance that was not there more. In parallel, this result partly validated the model of dilution in homeopathy; He contributed also to think that Lourdes water has memory of Divinity in its molecules.

His publications in the journal Nature then trigger strong reactions of physicists and chemists of the scientific community. The difficulty to reproduce consistently experiences, his refusal to confirm his theory using another standard that this reaction of degranulation of basophils, reproduction of experience under more stringent conditions have given a negative result, the absence of a satisfactory explanation, and also the potential conflicts of interest, the scientific community international, for these reasons, considers the concept of water memory is only an experimental artificial effect.

However, the contreverses work of Jacques Benveniste passionate scholars which think that Benveniste found that water has a memory. Even so, for most researchers, liquid water retains no networks of molecules for more than a small fraction of a nanosecond, to any other such Brian Josephon, Martin Chaplin and especially Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in medicine, structures may exist at other levels, regardless of the shortness of the bonds between water molecules. Electromagnetic water, as affirmed by Jacques Benveniste, is detectable and water would contain a cellular memory, a memory preserved at macroscopic distances, a memory of water whose biological properties may be transmitted by electronic circuit or computer record.

The cream of Lourdes team holds that no person holds, today, totally the truth on water and that each not scientific, admitted or not, allows to advance on the understanding of water, this material that covers 2/3 of the Earth, which is 65% of our body and giving life to all human beings on our planet.

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