Water from springs of the Pyrenees: thermal, mineral or divine water

Water from the mountains of the Pyrenees: the essential waters

Since it has discovered the virtues of mineral waters, the medical world considers that the cures is a natural and gentle medicine.

The world Organization of health acknowledges that thermal treatments act directly on pathologies, but on the State of mental and physical health of the patient also. It is a real medical alternative. These treatments, bath shower and massage, are prescribed in the treatment of chronic diseases, attracting annually many salesmen.

Rheumatology and respiratory tract are the main directions with more than 80% of requirements.

The Valley ranging from LOURDES to GAVARNIE is called 'The Valley of the waters'. This aquatic element plays a role in the destiny and the local economy. These springs contribute to the development of balneology in several towns in the Pyrenees.

Cities in ARGELES GAZOST, BEAUCENS-LES-BAINS, CAUTERETS, LUZ SAINT SAUVEUR, BARÈGES, BARZUN operate spas which Gush hundreds of sources of hot water but water cold, sodium, alkaline, carbonate, sulphurized and the delight of thousands of patients.

The waters of springs of the Pyrenees, which the grotto of Massabielle, are ingredients in the manufacture of our cosmetics cream of Lourdes.

The France has more than 1,200 sources of health-giving waters which the therapeutic virtues are recognized by the Academy of medicine.

This therapeutic approach is more relevant than ever to cope with the lengthening of the duration of life, chronic diseases and the quality of poor life of our modern lifestyles.

Thalassotherapy (the use of the benefits of the marine environment in a curative or preventive purpose), the aqua therapy therapeutic method which uses the virtues of water), balneotherapy (action to heal by the bathroom) and the SPA (Sanitas Per Aqua, health through water in latin) are parallel to the balneology disciplines and who are their virtues in the natural use of water to fight against stress.

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Thermal waters of the Pyrenees: sulphurated, sulphated, waters with chloride waters waters

In addition to the water of Lourdes, the Pyrenees offer a pilgrimage to the sources, the rediscovery of the age-old virtues of water that heals the body and soul. Indeed, the mountain of the Pyrenees has slipped into his basket of birth its more beautiful treasure: a naturally hot water, loaded from precious trace elements.

The Pyrenees are replete with thermal waters to the benefits of relaxation, fitness and care of respiratory, urinary tract, diseases of digestive apparatus, cardio-arterielles diseases, skin infections, rheumatic diseases...

These waters whose temperature is higher than the average temperature of water of water in the region are distinguished 3 types of thermal waters from a complex journey in the depths of the Pyrenean Earth and taking care of all the minerals they encountered as their journey back to the surface:

-Sulphurous waters: presence of sulfide and hydrogen sulfide (sodium, calcium, thiosulfatees, chlorine-sulphurised)

-Sulfated waters: anions * overriding sulfates (sodium magnesium, calcium, iron)

-Chloride waters: anions * overriding chlorides (sodium, sodium low)

Of rain water to its resurgence, the nature of the mineral water, raw material of balneology, is inevitably responsible for the geological history of the site through which the waters have walked to get to us.

Indeed, depending on the nature of the subsoil water meets, this trip can last a few years, hundreds of years, even thousands of years and allows the thermal waters to be free of contaminants such as nitrates or Xenobiotics products.

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