Eau de Lourdes miraculeuse

Drink water from Lourdes and heal?

While the Church recognizes a 68th miracle of Lourdes, millions of people drink continuously water from Lourdes, this divine and miraculous water.

If the most skeptical scientists oppose any notion of miraculous healing, yet they admit that the relationship between the brain, the mind and its neurological level have impacts some on the immune system.

It is therefore clearly in Lourdes the effect of social contact, of the mind and the body.

Even if these miracles are not rational explanation in the scientific world, medicine notes that diseases can be cured otherwise than by science.

The common denominator of all these remarkable and sometimes unexplained healings is the consumption of water from Lourdes.

Maintain our belief, leave the place with scientific expertise, accept the suspicious words, liberate our suspicions: cream of Lourdes will accompany you on this journey of reflection and listening to yourself and others.

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Lourdes water, miraculous, divine water

Water of Lourdes, a divine and miraculous, found by a teenager on the advice of the Virgin Mary in the grotto of Lourdes.

Its composition, regular, releases fusion energy of the limestone rock of the cave and its depths, divinity and mysteries.

This water of Lourdes, the virtues recognized worldwide, is actively involved in thousands of cures in Lourdes. Its spiritual and energy power reminds the light of the Virgin Mary in his appearances.

Based on water of Lourdes, the cream of Lourdes with the SOAP of Lourdes draws its strength from these virtues aquatic and Earth.

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Lourdes water, Earth and light: a divine water

With its extraordinary properties, the water of Lourdes does not stop talking all over the world. In parallel with the evolution of medicine and science that can heal people, this water from the fountain, which draws its strength of karst soil in the vicinity of the gave de Pau supplemented by the magnetism of cave rock, brings to drinkers a sense of balance, of purity until the disappearance of symptoms of a disease, of a dis-ease, a psychic prison. This water source, water divine and miraculous, gets its apogee, its success and recognition of scientists and doctors whenever the return to health of full, immediate way, without recovery, final relapse.
The Virgin Mary said come to drink at the source and wash you. Extend those divine words you washing, rubbing with SOAP of Lourdes and the cream of Lourdes.

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The water of Lourdes: the scientific source!

Lourdes, at a Scientific Conference of June 2012, the Pr Montagnier, Nobel Prize in medicine in 2008, Pr Sternberg and other imminent scientists of international renown, have exposed and debated on theories whose influence on health of electromagnetic waves of very low frequency of the water and the water of Lourdes in particular.
Without necessarily explain miracles, they say that a place like the sanctuaries (faith, prayer, singing, tranquillity, water of Lourdes...) would create emotions and these would no doubt have a role on health and healing the sick.

The atmosphere of faith and holiness of Lourdes, hope that reigns there, the compassion of the pilgrims, immersion in this beverage that is the water of Lourdes, would produce a change in the brain that would allow the body and the immune system to develop antibodies, to fight against the disease and to cure sometimes incurable headache.

It was not surprising to count more than 7000 healings even if the Church acknowledges that 69 to date.


Water of Lourdes: effect placebo for the most sceptical, miraculous effect for believers?

Since a 50 year, very many studies on the placebo effect ("I plairai" in latin) have highlighted the psychosomatic impact of this process and its effectiveness in the treatment of depression, heart, joints, urinary, respiratory diseases... Just to think that there is a biochemical substrate to the placebo effect and that the organization meets both the symbolic content of a treatment as its chemical composition. Research that shed light on the role of the mind in the healing process. Expertise related to the healings and miracles of Lourdes raise something curious, amazing, puzzle, featuring shine our scientific and medical human body knowledge. Water of Lourdes, the main element cited by healed people which do not have more explanation on their healing, upsets the resound on his physical potential and or psychosomatic.
Pharmaceutical testing have often proven to laboratories that their drug didn't make more real effects than placebo. Even if taking a placebo is not direct response on the human organism, it indicates the existence of non-chemical stimuli that strongly encourage the body to follow the path of healing. The placebo effect is based, not on the effectiveness of a molecule, but the therapeutic intent and belief of the patient and the strength of its expectations.
The example of an American in New Haven in Connecticut in 1974 he refused to operate despite the presence of a hole in his skull laying bare his brain. After a member of his family, back from France with a bottle of water from Lourdes, and several days of washing her head, a fragile new skin bridge covered the hole in his skull, phenomenon as his surgeon, to combat scientific argument, put forth the water of the grotto of Lourdes placebo effect (Harper's, January 1976).

The cream of Lourdes team contributes to divergent opinions to be heard and are present in the exchanges around the virtues of water from Lourdes.