Eau de Lourdes gratuite

Lourdes Water: source of the cave

A water from a source close to the cave.

Within an underground delta, these originating waters of Batsurguere Prat of Aureilh flow into the gave de Pau.

This source, witness to the apparitions of Mary, had miraculous powers. Bernadette Soubirous stated that the lady told him: "come drink at the source and wash you.

Since then, millions of pilgrims come each year drink water and collecting of bottles and other containers.

Slightly calcareous, comparable to the nearby springs, its composition does not appear to hold thermal virtues, in the purely medical sense.

The source of water, channeled through underground, distributes the cave water fountains, fills pools and springs to the path of water from Lourdes.

However, this water would have miraculous powers.

The water of the cave is free and free. Sale of the Lourdes Water is forbidden. This miraculous water is available close to the cave by several taps. Simply press the many buttons at the foot of the shrine to see the water, collecting, drink, wash, cool off at will and allow the pilgrims to pray freely. Lourdes water flows continuously and remains available to Christians without constraint, and is in the heart and the spirit of pure souls and those seeking spiritual search.

It is as well as the water of the grotto of Lourdes, source of life and embodiment of the birth and of the renaissance, is an indispensable and noble of the manufacture of our cosmetic products ingredient Lourdes cream and SOAP of Lourdes.

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Lourdes Water And Cosmetics

For the manufacture of cosmetics, it can be said that this water is ideal for the preparation of cosmetic products since it is free of any volatile organic compound and any pesticide whatever its nature. The absence of iron and manganese as well as its very low turbidity give it organoleptic properties irreproachable.

Not radiocative and completely sanitized, it is a perfect water for any preparation of cosmetics and an ideal condition for perfect stability of the latter.

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