Universal joint muscle gel

24.95€ / 200ml (soit 12,47€ / 100ml)
It is a real remedy and an essential solution to the treatment of pain in muscles, joints and tendons.

Description of the universal joint muscle gel CREME DE LOURDES

This 100% natural gel contains an exceptional range of active ingredients.

The strength of naturally concentrated essential oils and their remarkable penetrating power bring an almost immediate action in synergy. Quickly, the attacked fabrics are relaxed.

Plant extracts in aqueous form will more gently rebalance and regenerate ligament, tendon and cartilage tissues.
Despite its strength, this gel remains gentle to use thanks to its exceptional exclusively natural composition.

By its anti-inflammatory, painkiller, antispasmodic, toning and antioxidant action, this gel stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and therefore, facilitates the elimination of toxins, edema and the supply of good nutrients in the cells.


The Universal Gel CREME DE LOURDES: a real treasure of phytotherapy and aromatherapy for all athletes before and after exercise.

A unique exception in muscle and joint products.

Pain in muscles, joints, tendons

Muscle, joint pain and tendon disorders affect quality of life. They prevent normal daily activities from being carried out. They are the result of physical exertion, injury, affection, disease of the nervous system, or poor posture.

A cramp, a stiffness, a breakdown, a contracture, a stretching, a muscular tear, a pubalgia, a backache, a lumbago, a stiff neck, as many evils with various causes which are the signs of fatigue, overwork or deficiency.

Myalgia (or muscle pain) can be associated with other pains such as joint pain. Indeed, the joints, subjected to constant tensions throughout life, see its cartilage wear out resulting in the appearance of temporary or chronic pain.

Sprains, dislocations, fractures weaken the cartilages, this elastic and flexible tissue, and most often cause arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, destabilizing the areas of union between the segments of the skeleton, thus reducing mobility.

Tendon pain may also appear. This fibrous part at the end of a muscle that attaches to the bone, used intensively, may be prone to inflammation. This pain, called tendinitis, with various symptoms, limits the mobility of the joints.

It is strongly advised to consult a doctor when pain in muscles, joints or tendons appears.

In addition, there are natural remedies with rich properties of plants and organic essential oils to soothe and reduce these pains such as the Universal Gel Cream of Lourdes.


Active ingredients

Active ingredients in phytotherapy:

Spring water including Lourdes water
Rosemary floral water *: antioxidant, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory
Vegetable glycerin (non GMO): Moisturizing, brings a soft touch
Ethanol: promotes the opening of the pores of the skin and therefore allows the active ingredients to penetrate. Used at 21 ° which also keeps the product (no chemical and irritant compound to keep the product)
ARNICA HydroSoluble *: the essential care for tendons and muscles. Natural remedy to treat all sports injuries (bruises, tendonitis, muscle cramps, sprains, ...)
PRELE HydroSoluble *: important source of silicon. Silicon is an essential constituent of skin, ligament, tendon and cartilaginous tissues. It participates in the formation of collagen fibers, generating suppleness and elasticity in the skin and mobility in the muscles and tendons. It facilitates the fixation of calcium, contributing to a consolidation of bones and joints.
Reine des Prés HS *: The flowering tops contain a set of components including flavonoids and other phenolic heterosides. They give the Queen of Nears powerful anti-inflammatory properties used in the treatment of rheumatic fever and osteoarthritis. The ulmaire or spirea (other names of the near queen) contains salicylated derivatives which have the property of lowering the fever. They have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action that is both gentle, progressive and perfectly well tolerated.

 * from organic farming

The active ingredients in essential oils *:

Wintergreen (Wintergreen) *: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, wintergreen essential oil is par excellence the oil for muscle problems, cramps, tendonitis, arthritis.
Rosemary *: same as Floral Water but more concentrated
Clove *: Skin and muscle toning properties, pain reliever, anti-spasmodic.
Cyprés *: Promotes venous and lymphatic circulation
Lemon *: muscle tonic, Its anti-inflammatory action is appreciable, especially in massage, during rheumatism or arthritis attacks or during cramps or tendinitis
Tea tree *: Venous and lymphatic decongestant, antiasthenic and neurotonic, antispasmodic
 * from organic farming

 More than 45% of the total ingredients are of organic origin


  • Cleanse the skin before use. Can be applied several times a day. Apply the gel and massage gently.
    To be used before and / or after intense effort on stressed and tired limbs and muscles, in the event of bruises, sprains, joint hematomas, edema caused by knurls, caps, bladders, etc.
    Also to be used as a massage gel in the event of muscle and tendon injuries.


  • Eviter le contour des yeux et de la bouche, 
  • Ne pas utiliser sur les enfant de moins de 7 ans, les femmes enceintes ou allaitantes.

The Biochemical Characteristics of Lourdes Water

L´eau de Lourdes est une eau naturellement structurée, vitalisée, ionisée, dynamique, magnétique. Elle s'écoule à une basse profondeur terrestre et s'enrichit par le champ magnétique de la terre. Froide, elle garde sa capacité d'attraction.

Cette eau alcaline, ionisée naturellement, contient des petits groupes d'atomes permettant ainsi une excellente assimilation par le corps et agit comme un véritable nettoyeur de l'organisme. Elle procure une meilleure hydratation et aide à dissoudre les déchets solides et les toxines accumulés dans le corps au fil des ans.

Ses cristaux d'eau, remplis d'énergie, vibrent et transportent des minéraux au potentiel dynamique. De part ses qualités énergétiques et vitales, elle émet une puissance électromagnétique lui conférant une action constructive et attractive, favorable aux échanges et au renouvellement des cellules. Cette eau, alcaline et magnétique, est une source d’antioxydants qui contient une abondance d'électrons servant à neutraliser les radicaux libres dans le corps.

Water from Lourdes: Free Spring Water Accessible to All

Lourdes water is a naturally structured, vitalized, ionized, dynamic, magnetic water. It flows at a low earth depth and is enriched by the earth's magnetic field. Cold, it retains its capacity for attraction.

This alkaline water, naturally ionized, contains small groups of atoms allowing an excellent assimilation by the body and acts as a real cleanser of the organism. It provides better hydration and helps dissolve solid waste and toxins accumulated in the body over the years.

Its water crystals, filled with energy, vibrate and transport minerals with dynamic potential. Due to its energetic and vital qualities, it emits an electromagnetic power giving it a constructive and attractive action, favorable to exchanges and cell renewal. This alkaline and magnetic water is a source of antioxidants that contains an abundance of electrons used to neutralize free radicals in the body.

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