Candle cream of Lourdes

Selection of Lourdes candle cream

  • Properties:

Lourdes ® cream has selected a local manufacturing, welfare candle, 100% natural which the virtues soft and deep, calming and relaxing the mind, gently combine with the cream of Lourdes ® products.

This artisanal candle is only composed of oils 100% vegetable, natural pigments, water of Lourdes and a cotton wick.
Moulded and shaped one by one, each candle is a unique piece in its blend of colours and crystallization.
A slow cooling of the mixture of oils heated in a double boiler with solar energy, brings authentic effects and ecological dimension.

  • Presentation:

Lourdes ® candle cream comes in:
* pack of 4 white candles with dimensions 20cm x 2cm
* pack of 4 white candles to the 6cm x 4cm size

  • Distribution:

Network Internet heavy cream

Home heavy cream

The water of Lourdes: spring water from the Grotto free and accessible to all

All cream of Lourdes with the SOAP of Lourdes ® products contain the spring water from the grotto of Lourdes.

Knowing that Lourdes Water is free and free access to all, taking account of this water in our Lourdes ® cream products does not enter their cost of returns.

It is graciously added in all our cosmetics and body hygiene.