Wooden box Duo of soaps of Lourdes

2 know about Lourdes, 100% natural, organic assets and Lourdes water, wrapped in tissue paper, deposited in a mini natural wooden chest.

A unique and authentic gift

100% made in France

Features of SOAP in Lourdes in bread


  • The heavy cream SOAP, made from the water of Lourdes, known for its activity, psychosomatic and spiritual, rejoice the delicate skin of the whole family.
  • SOAP of Lourdes and its wonderful properties of organic Shea butter, wake up and revitalize your senses.
  • Lourdes, very soft cream, SOAP cleans and softens all skin creamy: juvenile, mature, sensitive to the cold, the Sun and pollution. Known for its anti-irritant and soothing virtues, the heavy cream SOAP allows frequent use safely and respect the balance of the skin.
  • This elegant SOAP-like chic and sleek will tone the nervous and hormonal systems and stimulate the body's natural defenses.
  • The heavy cream SOAP, natural and exclusive, exudes a scent air and soft, which alone, broadcasts a wonderful feeling of well-being. The product of beauty, heavy cream SOAP, unique in its kind, is a source of benefits for the body and soul.

Application of heavy cream SOAP:

  • Lather.
  • Gently massage.
  • Rinse pureLe water heavy cream SOAP is a product not tested on animals.

Main ingredients of the cream SOAP in Lourdes:

  • saponifiees olive oil *, coconut *, rape *, Shea butter *, water, glycerin, naturally formed during the saponification, white clay, essential oils of geranium * and palmarosahuiles plant, essential oils,
* from butter to the organic agriculture to 100%

with Lourdes Water


  • SOAP in Lourdes is wrapped in a piece of natural paper, waterproof, recyclable.

Manufacturing method:

  • saponification cold: it is an ecological and artisanal process.  This process gives a real SOAP of high cosmetic quality without any rejection in the environment and without additive synthesis. This glycerine SOAP is enriched with noble, no saponifiees oils that keep the balance of the hydro-lipidique film of the skin. Thanks to native Glycerin, moisturizing substance naturally formed during saponification and left in full, this subtle pad hydrates all skin types.


  • for external use,.
  • keep away from heat and moisture


  • Network Internet heavy cream

The features Biochimiques of water of Lourdes

L´eau de Lourdes est une eau naturellement structurée, vitalisée, ionisée, dynamique, magnétique. Elle s'écoule à une basse profondeur terrestre et s'enrichit par le champ magnétique de la terre. Froide, elle garde sa capacité d'attraction.

Cette eau alcaline, ionisée naturellement, contient des petits groupes d'atomes permettant ainsi une excellente assimilation par le corps et agit comme un véritable nettoyeur de l'organisme. Elle procure une meilleure hydratation et aide à dissoudre les déchets solides et les toxines accumulés dans le corps au fil des ans.

Ses cristaux d'eau, remplis d'énergie, vibrent et transportent des minéraux au potentiel dynamique. De part ses qualités énergétiques et vitales, elle émet une puissance électromagnétique lui conférant une action constructive et attractive, favorable aux échanges et au renouvellement des cellules. Cette eau, alcaline et magnétique, est une source d’antioxydants qui contient une abondance d'électrons servant à neutraliser les radicaux libres dans le corps.

Water of Lourdes: water Source free and Accessible to all

produced some heavy cream SOAP in Lourdes which contain water of Lourdes.

Knowing that the water of Lourdes is free and free access to all, taking into account of this water in our heavy cream products does not enter their cost of returns.

It is gracefully added in our cosmetics and hygiene of the body.

Only research studies, development, distillations and cosmeto-vigilances tests are reflected in the cost.

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