Eau de Lourdes : est-elle bénite ?

Eau De Lourdes : Miraculeuse Et Divine Mais Pas Bénite

Water of Lourdes: miraculous and divine but not holy water

Even if in the minds of the people, the water of Lourdes may appear miraculous, Holy and divine, it collects not all these qualities at once.

The water of the grotto of Lourdes is not a holy water naturally. Contrary to a common misconception, the Lourdes water should not be confused with holy water. It is a water banal, slightly calcareous, comparable to that of all the nearby springs of Lourdes. Its popularity is due to the Lourdes miracles» which is the most frequently observed means. It does the object of any rite of blessing.

A holy water is used for purposes of worship by the Christian denominations. In the Christian tradition, there are three types of holy water: Holy water baptismal and Gregorian water. They differ among themselves, by their use, by the nature of the elements that compose them, and the special blessing given to each of them.

On the other hand, thanks to the thousands of cures that have occurred since the apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1858, Lourdes Water is classified miraculous.

Since the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception, appeared to the little Shepherdess from the village, Bernadette Soubirous, and asked to scratch the Earth and drinking water from the cave, the water of Lourdes became divine as this water is born from the words of the mother of God.

In conclusion, the Lourdes water, water from source to the divine, miraculous and healing virtues, gushing at the place of the apparition of the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Mary, mother of God, is the place of pilgrimage of millions of believers who go there each year, including thousands of patients who hope to heal by drinking the water of Lourdes or bathing in this water.

Remembering Lourdes: our products cream of Lourdes


The water of Lourdes: divine source within the rock of the Grotto water

"Pray God for the conversion of sinners. Penance. Penance. Penance. Go to the source, drink and wash you", words of the Virgin Mary to the little Soubirous. Make the same gesture that Bernadette by drinking the spring water from the grotto of Lourdes, allows not only to wash, cleanse themselves but also to bring light to our relations to others as to our own behavior in thoughts, words, acts.

The doors of faith, of hope and hope, that inspire us when we drink this divine water, strengthen us in the fight against the disease. Repent or reflect on the existence and the place of men and women in the world, is made easier and easy thanks to the water of Lourdes.

More generally and more simply, the energy of the water of Lourdes we boosted to be at peace with ourselves and brings people.

Cream of Lourdes and SOAP in Lourdes, modestly, accompany daily pilgrims in this approach. Wash is a natural, wash better is a precious commodity, wash with SOAP in Lourdes, protecting themselves with the cream of Lourdes, strengthens the relationship between our bodies and our minds.

Just a small pleasure natural and authentic!