Les piscines de Lourdes

Nouvel auvent des piscines de la grotte

The Pools Of The Grotto Of Lourdes

The place of the cave pools is the another great place for pilgrims. Bathing in the water of Lourdes gives meaning to the sign of the water.

Formerly located between the Basilica and the cave, the pools are since 1950 to the end of the cave, just after the new bridge.
The project Siloam of 2009 intending to move the basins on the left bank of the River was abandoned in favor of the project heart of Lourdes cave. Indeed, following the strong floods to the gave in October 2012 and June 2013, the heart of Lourdes cave project emerged in 2014 for a full development of the cave and its surroundings to protect all new upgrades of the waters.
Only the outside of the building of the pools has been redesigned with the replacement of the concrete awning by a canopy in glulam, covered of zinc, a waterproof wall of 3.95 m high along the bottom of the hill where the pool buildings, and the layout of the home space where pilgrims waiting to go to the bathroom.

The pools are open from 9: 00 to 12 hours and 14 hours to 17 hours in a week, and 10 hours to 12 hours and then from 14 to 16 hours on Sundays and feast days. These times may vary depending on the availability of volunteers.
Many people, sick, believers or not, waiting patiently to enter the building. Based on attendance, priorities (sick, disabled, children), the wait can sometimes extend for several hours.

Inside, 17 bathtubs present themselves: 10 for women, 5 men and 2 for children. They are built in gray marble with a length of 2 meters around and 60 centimetres wide. 2 deep markets allow people to descend safely in the bath. On the facing wall, a balustrade consisting of a stainless steel barrier, overlooking the bathtub, is installed to support height providing assistance to the Pilgrim.
Water is a dozen of degree. This 12 ° C water is filtered and cleaned CCTV receiving regular fresh water from the source. To meet the requirements of hygiene health and safety services, the water checks are regularly carried out.
Before the immersion in water, the Pilgrim awaits its turn about 30 minutes in the cabin space in front of each bath. Can accommodate 6 people at a time, this place allows you to undress and wait on a Chair, a Chair, a stretcher. Then he was invited by volunteers to return to the bath space. Hidden by a towel, the Pilgrim takes off his underwear and opted for a prayer. With the help of the volunteers Lourdes hospital, it comes down the markets move toward the wall facing the representation of Mary, sits and is immersed body seconds, all (prayer and bath) not exceeding 2-3 minutes.

Each year 350,000 people are bathing in this water. Women are twice as likely to immerse: 3000 a day against 1500 for men. Around 300 hospital and a little less than 200 hospital are busy every day to welcome, help and accompany these pilgrims to the pools.

Faced with the intensity of the moment, believers or not, feel a sense of joy, well-being, radiation, affection, of reconciliation, of renewal, new conversion, purification, from life sometimes until healing.

Invitation to decourvri our natural water of Lourdes products

The water of Lourdes: bath in swimming pool

Among the 6 million pilgrims, 400000 visitors go to swimming pools, fed by the spring water from the cave, a 12 degree water. The promiscuity of the places and the popularity of this ritual require pilgrims long hours of waiting.

Soon, in 2014 - 2015, the Siloam project (in reference to the pool of the Gospel to which blind found the view after meeting Jesus), will move 17 marble bathtubs and also add of basins to allow visitors to wash your face, arms to the Lourdes water without being forced to submerge the entire body; some sinks will enable to reproduce the original gesture of Bernadette Soubirous, leaning on the Earth that had been scratched to update the source of the cave.

The cream of Lourdes team welcomes such an initiative and welcomes volunteers to their solidarity commitment.