Know us

Our first steps

2007, the year where it all started 

At the dawn of my 40th birthday, Dad for the 2nd time, and encouraged by my partner, the dimension of alternative medicines and natural products have only grown, to the point of structuring a new philosophy of life and consumption for the whole family. 

2009, EUREKA 

Follower of homeopathy and Bach flowers, I discovered the principle of high dilutions. My scientific curiosity pushed me towards the memory of water, a subject that has never left me. It is in a book by Masaru EMOTO, studying the effects of thought and emotions on water, that the photography of water crystals from Lourdes calls out to me and seduces me. My geographical proximity to this spring water from the Pyrenees awakens in me the desire to work on it in the manufacture of homemade soap. The idea of designing cosmetics in memory of water was thus born! 

2010/2015, Concept Finalization 

The formulation of the first products having stabilized, the trials being conclusive, the results being there, the entrepreneurial adventure can begin. 

The founder, Denis DUPIN

Our Passions And Interests

All works on the memory of water; starting with those of the doctor Jacques BENVENISTE who in 1988 brought the hypothesis according to which water is a receiver and a transmitter of information, taken since by professors Luc MONTAGNIER and Marc HENRY. 

Aromatherapy : the use of essences of certain plants, citrus fruits, resin or wood ... whose essential oils provide exceptional cosmetic qualities, for therapeutic and aromatics purposes. 

Herbal medicine: all the medicinal plants that can remedy everyday problems in a natural way. 

Naturalism: the art of observing, comparing, experimenting, analyzing around certain natural sciences such as botany, mineralogy, lithotherapy, magnetism, permaculture.

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Our values

Be an actor of change to limit the environmental impact of our activities, 

Be in search of meaning and mindful of the health expectations of customers by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, by manufacturing less but better, 

Be completely transparent about the use of ingredients for ethical purposes towards humans, nature and animals, 

Be a follower of the biorhythm: do things slowly so as not to rush the body, breathe new energy into it to make what surrounds us beautiful and natural.

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Our engagements

Offer a responsible, innovative range with natural formulas. 

Present cosmetics that are safer, healthier and respectful of the environment. Increase the proportion of organic active ingredients in our formulations. 

Display strong ethical convictions. 

Putting the sum of knowledge at the service of simplicity and authenticity. Meet the demands of more engaged consumers. 

Reduce the amount of plastic in our containers and eliminate overwrapping.

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Our research

Work on water information, get closer to the original water. 

Study and optimize ingredients resulting from bioengineering: sustainable and natural. 

Watch out for emerging local and ecological trends. 

Reinventing yourself every day to reduce your carbon footprint.

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