Candle cream of Lourdes

Selection of Lourdes candle cream

  • Properties:

Lourdes ® cream has selected a local manufacturing, welfare candle, 100% natural which the virtues soft and deep, calming and relaxing the mind, gently combine with the cream of Lourdes ® products.

This artisanal candle is only composed of oils 100% vegetable, natural pigments, water of Lourdes and a cotton wick.
Moulded and shaped one by one, each candle is a unique piece in its blend of colours and crystallization.
A slow cooling of the mixture of oils heated in a double boiler with solar energy, brings authentic effects and ecological dimension.

  • Presentation:

Lourdes ® candle cream comes in:
* pack of 4 white candles with dimensions 20cm x 2cm
* pack of 4 white candles to the 6cm x 4cm size

  • Distribution:

Network Internet heavy cream

Home heavy cream

The water of Lourdes: spring water from the Grotto free and accessible to all

All cream of Lourdes with the SOAP of Lourdes ® products contain the spring water from the grotto of Lourdes.

Knowing that Lourdes Water is free and free access to all, taking account of this water in our Lourdes ® cream products does not enter their cost of returns.

It is graciously added in all our cosmetics and body hygiene.

Informations importantes

Les informations sur les bougies aux huiles essentielles présentées sur cette page ne sont qu'à titre informatif et ne saurait en aucun cas engager notre responsabilité.

Ils ne sauraient en aucun cas remplacer les conseils d'un médecin.

Pour toute utilisation thérapeutique ou si vous souhaitez obtenir plus de précisions sur les bougies aux huilles essentielles, veuillez consulter votre médecin traitant.

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